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Artistry by Bonnie B

Honey B Tan's sunless spray with moisture lock technology

Honey B Tan develops products according to the highest good manufacturing practices, and we use only the highest quality natural ingredients available. We are proud to introduce 3 sunless formulas in our wonderful product line, all with Ecocert certified DHA.

( Medium Dark Mix)

For light to medium tanners, we were able to increase the tanner’s depth and darkness with state-of-the-art tanning agents and moisture lock technology. This means you fade even like a real tan, the rich color is deep and lasting. For the customer that wants something different, our new formula can increase the overall tan length up to 30% with a deeper color and an even fade. For people who want a dark Sunkissed look,


  • for natural to medium tanners.
  • state-of-the-art tanning agents and moisture lock technology that introduces moisture into your dermis while you wear it.
  • helps increase the overall tan length up to 30% with an even fade
  • helps every skin cell in your body actively react to the sunless spray for lasting color, depth and desirability.

( Extreme Dark Organic Solution)

The ultimate level for those who dare, it’s the thing to wear. For your darkest customers, this product delivers. Fast, deep dark tanning results with superior skincare. The color is truly amazing with moisture lock technology. This solution service is $35 per spray.

Our Formulation

Competitor's Formulations

Bio Bronzing Formula

Why our solution is NOT orange:

Our extreme Bio Bronzing Formula is state of the art with skin restorative agents, moisturizers and the ability to deliver essential ingredients to the cellular level. This produces beautiful skin, with extraordinary darkness and amazing depth that continues to get darker for a full 24 hours.