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Artistry by Bonnie B

Honey B Hair Extensions

What is Honey B Hair Extensions?

orange county • 2011

Honey B Hair Extensions: Luxury Hair

Honey B Hair Extensions offers premium quality, ensuring your IBE extensions look and feel natural. Experience the ultimate in hair luxury. Our haircare products are designed to enhance the health and longevity of your extensions. Specialist Bonnie B offers these premium services, ensuring your hair looks its best.

Hair Artistry by Bonnie B

The #1 Most Requested Hand-Tied Extension Method


Invisible Bead Extensions

Invisible Bead Extensions (IBE) is a weft method that uses hidden beads to secure the extensions, making them undetectable and comfortable. IBE offers numerous advantages, including a seamless appearance and exceptional longevity, with extensions lasting from a year and a half to 2 years with proper care. Designed to be gentle on your scalp and natural hair, IBE is the top choice for those seeking luxurious, natural-looking hair extensions.